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DIVA DARINA | NEW! | Drum solo in Argentina

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DIVA DARINA | NEW! | Drum solo in Argentina

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COOPIRATION : divadarina1996@gmail.com

DIVA DARINA - Darina Konstantinova. Born in Ukraine on November 1, 1996. The prize-holder
and champion of numerous contests not only in her home country, but also of many leading
international festivals. She began training her first workshops at the young age of 14. What's
important to mention, is that Darina is the real professional, in fact she holds a degree in
physiotherapy and rehabilitology. Darina is also the creator of her famous DIVA STYLE and the
unique oriental dance teaching system, based on techniques of safe usage of muscles and
joints. Currently she is one of the world's leading teachers, working at the most prestigious
international festivals. As a guest star and oriental dance guru Darina has already visited 36
countries: Egypt, USA, Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, Mexico, Panama, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Taiwan. WELCOME TO JOIN the real DIVA STYLE!

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