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This Storytime Animation Channel traced my art 2 times so I made another video out of spite

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This Storytime Animation Channel traced my art 2 times so I made another video out of spite

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So we meet again, RLT

I knew you couldn't resist the sweet temptations of tracing my daughter, my precious drawing of Instagram as a sadistic rainbow coloured girl, but this is a new low. Now you may have thought I would leave this second video alone since I already called you out on the first one, but nay, you underestimate the power of my spite, and how much I like views but we shall focus on the former.

I see you've updated your strategy for this one, by flipping the drawing before tracing it and not putting enough effort to make all the lines identical. Did you perhaps go to an earthquake prone area in hopes that the shaking could hide your shame? Hide how you've succumbed to the dark void of being most likely a lazy ass group of adults probably trying to run a business through the amazing new trend of not putting in any effort?

If it is clout you want, then it is clout you shall receive. Enjoy all your new views garnered from me posting this, go ahead and live your life of shame with the pride of having clout glazing your eyes and denying you the sight of your disgusting actions.

this video is taking way too long to upload so I'm just gonna keep writing

RLT, it is not too late to repent. I request a mansion, 2 dodo birds, an apology and for you to remove your videos using my art without permission or credit. I saw you delete 5/6 of my comments trying to reason with you properly, so don't try to act dumb. However if you give me two (2) mansions I may consider letting you keep the video with a proper apology and credit in the description. You know where to find me, if you try to copyright strike this then become the dirt I walk on.

- - -

hope everyones have a wONderful day, this video was pretty fun to make. I wanted to make another commentary video so I decided to respond to their second video tracing my art for this. Keep in mind it's not going to be an exact 100% trace since they don't give enough shits to do that, so they just go over it once without adjustments. which is why some parts are identical and some parts are a bit off.

A lot of you requested this from my first video so here it is! Sorry for my mumbling, I'm still trying to work on my English communiCatiOn skills.

Also I forgot to put this in the video, when I said they were a corporation I should’ve said they were *most likely* a corporation since I can’t be sure but it’s a pretty big possibility!

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🎈Song : Daystar - Dessert /

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